Episode 9: Tiege Dooley-Panko and her exciting creative path

Show Notes


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Favorite warmup

  • Breathing. Take deep breaths, pure and simple.

About Guest

  • Tiege has a huge line of historical paths that she took on her way to creativity. She has been in dance groups, stand up comedy, news casting, and many other endeavors. With the amount of energy she puts into her work it is clear she will keep moving forward on any path she sets her mind to.
  • Currently Tiege is optioning a script for a tv show that she wrote. She has great ideas for the show and is looking forward to taking her writing to the next level.

Key learnings

  • When Tiege first tried out for the lakers girls she didn’t make it. This came as a surprise for her at first because she was used to getting into all the groups and this was something she knew inside and out. She stuck with it however and came back the following year. This drive is key in how to accomplish goals especially in creative endeavors that can be decided simply by hair color and who shows up.
  • Tiege has a passion for writing and has worked a lot to develop her skills. She started off writing and slowly grew her stories to the point that she knew it was time to start shopping it around for putting talent to the tv show she imagined.
  • It is important to have people that can support you and help you grow. Tiege was fortunate enough to have people in her life that were able to help her on her path whether it was just by finding a place to stay, having the support network that helps give ideas for new job opportunities, or just providing support and reading scripts that Tiege produces (Always a good thanks going out to Moms everywhere!).

Closing Questions

What is the hardest thing about pursuing the arts?

Not comparing yourself to other people. It can be difficult to move forward when you see others already succeeding. It is important to keep focused on your own path and understand that even if someone else is doing well it is not a reflection of how well you are doing.
To deal with this Tiege deletes her account on Instagram to make sure she isn’t looking too much into these comparisons that may or may not actually be true.

Who have you learned the most from?

Learned discipline and being accountable from her coaches at the Lakers goals.

What Resource have you learned the most from?

Tiege is always taking classes. She likes getting feedback and goes to classes for standup and writing. These are what she uses to develop the skills she needs to grow as a person and grow her career.
One highly recommended class Tiege mentioned in the interview was Script Anatomy.

Do you have any role models? Any Quotes?

“Fail First” - Unknown
This is something that motivates Tiege and has a strong message to go out there and try and it is ok to not get it right the first time. It is important to keep trying.

Favorite piece of art or inspiration?

Netflix Documentaries! Aaron Hernandez Documentary and Cheer Documentary and American Factory

What keeps you up at night?

Not living up to your potential. Sometimes it can be hard to let things go and not just work on new things when you know it is better to just get rest and sleep. That can be a challenge but it is important for your health.

Do you have advice for a person that doesn’t pursue the arts full time, or is just starting out?

Comes down to structuring your time and coming up with a plan for approaching the work that you want to pursue.