Episode 2: Tessa Rae Evelyn on how to effectively transition between creative paths

Show Notes


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Favorite warmup

  • These mantras keep Tessa grounded. She uses them to remind her of what is most important
  • “I allow the universe to surprise me in the most joyous of ways.”
  • “When I don’t know what is happening, I choose to be curious and excited about what is to be.”

About Tessa

  • Tessa is a planner. Her mantras keep her grounded and ready to take on the challenges ahead.

Key learnings

  • Mindfulness has turned her into a totally different person from who she was before. Meditation has brought her peace as a creative and as a person. In the arts you have such little control over many factors and this practice gives some control back to your sanity. It brought the joy back into her life when she opened her mind to the opportunities in front of her. Joy can sometimes be taken out of the art that you turn into your work and it is important to gain perspective.
  • Tessa has always been a driven person with a plan of attack. She will do the steps required to accomplish a goal or task without hesitation. She took this methodology to her acting but Even after doing every step meticulously she lost herself in the stress of not understanding the business and unpredictable nature of acting. She checked off all of the requirements to become a successful actress but it still wasn’t enough to get cast in what she was aiming for. The required patience in this line of work was not something she wanted to keep up. Tessa talks about the dark side of her journey in this episode opening a little window into the world of challenge that an actor faces in their career.
  • Things started to change when Tessa began meditating in 2015. She start the practice just as something to do, but as she grew it into a routine over time it has helps her to self acceptance. This allowed her to create space for success. This lead to her directing. After some time opportunities came her from unanticipated places. She was ready for these projects and didn’t need to force her way into discovering them.
  • Projects are coming from all directions, and Tessa is so excited to take them on. With her new approach she isn’t chasing the work, but rather is letting it come to her.
  • For a long time the plan was to be a good actress. The pressure to succeed however and the steps to get there were always unclear and difficult to deal with because Tessa had to deal with it herself but also manage how to work through the challenge with her support system. That is where her journey to directing has differed where the path was much clearer and success was simpler to share with her family and friends.
  • Directing is a great path for Tessa because it lets her use both sides of her brain and retching 100% of her potential. She can now use her knowledge and skills she gained as an actor to give direction as an outside eye to the actors’ she directs. She can talk to the actor using their language, and see where they may be coming up against blockers.


  • “I’m really excited for what this year will bring to me!”
  • “Surround yourself with people that are really great.”
  • “You’re allowed to have stability… you are allowed to have the dream, and you don’t need to suffer to achieve it”

Quick Questions

What is the hardest thing about pursuing the arts?

Not getting lost in what other people expect of you or expect you to be. Really focusing on maintaining who you are as an individual.
A healthy understanding of your self worth is important. Having clear boundaries about what you accept into your life and what you don’t.

Who have you learned the most from?

In a not ego driven way… Myself.
Every person knows what is best for themselves. Deep down we have a strong personal truth. We often get too caught up in what the world expects but everyone really needs to trust in themselves. Through meditation your self awareness will guide you.

What Resource have you learned the most from?

Self Learning books. “You are a badass
Brene Brown
Ted talks about Meditation

What keeps you up at night?

Tessa is terrified of the dark (but really… who isn’t?)
Tessa, just like many others, finds herself with sleepless nights when her mind takes her to moments of her past and ideas she has where her mind moves too quickly.

Favorite piece of art or inspiration?

It is a national phenomenon. Also Phoebe Waller-Bridge is Tessa’s doppelgänger!

Do you have any role models? Any Quotes?

Tessa doesn’t have one role model, but Brené Brown had an impactful quote that stuck with Tessa
“You can’t be great in a big world, without having at least one small safe space to work through your fears and failures.”
Other Quotes from Brené Brown

Best advice for a 9-5

Find as much joy in your 9-5 job, and find time outside of that to invest in this other career. There is too much shame in having more than one job. You are allowed to have stability while pursuing this artistic or creative work.