Episode 14: Tessa Germaine and how to develop stories in film

Show Notes


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In the Episode

  • Tessa tells us about dreams of completing her work but then waking up and thinking that she had done it in real life only to come to realize later that they were in fact just dreams and she has to do it all over again!
  • We talk about how Tessa took psychology classes alongside leadership courses in college that have given her a great tool set to tackle being a director as well as creative tools to develop characters and relationships using the Myers Briggs test and other psychology principles!
  • Tessa believes there will likely be a content boom coming out of COVID-19 and we talk further about the impact the virus has had on the arts.
  • Story telling is a passion. It started for Tessa as a young actress working professionally and has evolved to Directing which right now is Tessa’s true calling! You can see her work on her Vimeo! We also get the inside scoop on her latest short film “Rosie”
  • In her work, Tessa has super power in “Over Researching” a topic. This skill has allowed her to dig deep into interesting stories such as Rosie the Riveter and uncover great true stories and opportunities for interpretation that respects the lives of those impacted by the story she is unraveling.
  • We learned a lot from Tessa on how to do proper research on a story, develop characters, and use skills from previous passions!