Episode 5: Bonus: Scott Alda Coffey talks about his filming experience in the movie THE OUTPOST

Show Notes

In this extra special episode we speak with actor Scott Alda Coffey about his experience working on movie The Outpost. Scott gives us a breakdown of how he prepared for the shoot and his path to becoming the real person he portrayed in the film. He shares some great insight into the process that can help get an actor in the right state of mind.

Scott shares his experience of pushing past the challenges in his first major motion picture role in which there were many technical aspects of the shots and the subject matter. He learned how to shoot guns, work with long takes and how to take on the persona of a real person all at the same time. He learned from the family and friends all about the person he portrays in the film. By being pulled into the story and the importance of the legacy, he was able to take on these challenges and work alongside wonderful actors and the actual people that were on the ground.