Episode 21: Having a 9-5 is not giving up - How Nick Lorenzini approaches a creative life.

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In the Episode

  • Nick talks about his experience with friends and mentors throughout the years. Mentors can really have an impact on decisions you make and can give you a major advantage over your capabilities without one.
  • We also talk about what it is like going to performing arts schools, what can be learned there and what can help or hurt you by going to such schools.
  • Early on for Nick, as many of us, experienced difficulty in explaining the career choice of going into the arts. For Nick it was particularly important early in life to not accept having to need a “Fall back” gig. He knew if he had a gift to share it wasn’t fair to himself or others to not achieve the goal of becoming an artist because of giving up on that goal too early. His thoughts changed as he grew up but it was still an important lesson he learned at that age.
  • Nick talks a lot about his time re evaluating his life and realizing a new way to approach his life and build it in a way that gives him the flexibility freedom and happiness he deserved.
  • Nick accepts that it is good to have dreams, but when talking about dreams in the arts it can be taken too seriously and be detrimental to stick to a dream that is unrealistic and that could be the wrong dream as time goes on. It is good to have dreams but you have to also be ok with your dreams changing.
  • Nick also introduces this concept of having “Chapters” in your life. This can be a helpful tool to think about chunking your life into moments that leave room for change and adaptation. Nick recognizes that he is in the “Peloton” chapter of his life, and that he will soon be a new chapter.
  • It is important not to villainize the 9-5 job or survival gig. Having a job is not giving up and who knows… maybe by accepting a 9-5 job you uncover a hidden love and passion that was unexpected.