Episode 15: Michael Thomas Holmes on having two artistic paths

Show Notes


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In the Episode

  • Born a natural Actor and Graphic Designer, from a young age Michaels mother knew he was destined for these artistic paths together. In stories from his youth and the skills that he naturally had it was a great fit!
  • Michael grew up in an artistic household with his parents appreciating the arts and acting as superb role models for Michael. His parents were super supportive of his decision and knew it was the right decision for him to pursue what he is doing.
  • Michael has great advice for how to approach working on two artistic paths at the same time, the challenges that come up, and understanding how others perceive the work that he does.
  • As a graphic designer Michael has some great advice and can help professionals (artistic and otherwise) in developing websites that speak to the truth of that person or organization and has some great tips for how you should approach marketing yourself and why it is important to have a website as an actor.
  • “Your website confirms people’s suspicion about you in the positive!”