Episode 17: How to make your own work with Lianne O'Shea

Show Notes


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In the Episode

  • It is great to collaborate and try new things. Lianne has put herself out there and tried new things in acting class and in her regular life as well.
  • She had the opportunity to go to Cambodia (listen to hear how she got the chance!) and took a chance to go on an adventure with her partner Aviv!
  • We talk a lot about not discarding opportunities for fear of missing out on what could be keeping you in the Los Angeles bubble. “Maybe I’ll miss an audition… or maybe a shot to meet a director.” If a great opportunity comes up take it and that will lead to a better life and who knows… maybe a movie!
  • Experience the world in any way that you can. In these times it can be difficult but there are still some creative ways to do it.
  • When writing, build your story around what you have at your disposal. This goes along with an conversation we did with Jeffrey Ashkin about limiting your variables and using what you have. It serves creatives well to use what is easily at hand!
  • Working in creative arts can be scary, but it will take you to new places and allow you to experience things you normally wouldn’t have a chance attempting!