Episode 8: Leo Wiggins shares his creative path to Voice Over

Show Notes


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Favorite warmup

  • Tongue Twisters!
  • Leo loves them so much and wanted to have an easy way to get to them that he made his own! Check them out on HIS WEBSITE!

About Guest

  • Leo, outside of creating those amazing cards for tongue twisters, is a professional Voice Over Actor, Singer, and a regular producer of Lore party Podcast!
  • His artistic endeavors have helped him develop presentation skills and work in dynamic situations. This is useful for his performances, his work in VO and in his work at Apple as an artist teaching how to be creative with Apple Products.

Key learnings

  • Get you kids into classes in the arts! Leo grew up with these and the artistic beginnings have given Leo the powerful feeling that he can learn to do anything he puts his mind to. The arts have given him the learning skills that he needs to succeed.
  • It is super important to donate to art programs and give back to communities that are under privileged. This is important to give them opportunities to have access to these programs. There are also programs in these areas where it gives these children advice and connections that will develop possible careers in the entertainment industry!
  • To start something new; 1. Get the base line equipment (can start on a deep budget or free versions), 2. Get lessons or training on the thing (free or paid), 3. Practice Practice Practice, 4. Keep trying this and new things!
  • If you are unable to do something now, you can always find a way to become enriched and fulfilled by either learning how to be good at something or finding something new to do that you are able to do.
  • You get work by getting to know people and hearing about opportunities. It is important to have good relationships and be good to work with. The more people like to work with you, the more they will think of working with you in future projects.

Closing Questions

What is the hardest thing about pursuing the arts?

The arts are all about being honest and putting yourself outside there. Don’t let your self image be hurt by all the “NO’s” you will get on your path.

Who have you learned the most from?

Patrick Seitz

What Resource have you learned the most from?

Video games (Last of Us) and animation sites. There are also lots of sites that give you some chances to try out the craft.

Favorite piece of art or inspiration?

Jacob Collier! Moon River

Do you have any role models? Any Quotes?

“I’m being born…” “…Gross” -Adventure time

What keeps you up at night?

Leo is not in a huge rush to accomplish things, and he sleeps fine… However, the nature of getting old and life going forward is something to be aware.
To help sleeping try out “The Thing”!!!! Listen to the episode to find out what that means :)

Do you have advice for a person that doesn’t pursue the arts full time, or is just starting out?

What you will need to get started in Voice Over:
1. Hardware or the ability to record the sound of your voice.
2. Training
3. Opportunities to find the work
Resources above!