Episode 26: Kyle Branzel on why quitting is ok

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In the Episode

  • Started in 2nd grade and he played Santa Clause in the school production! He could sing loud and on pitch so he got the role without auditioning!
  • Next big moment was the “Big will rogers…” through folly’s model and huge performance. First pro show, and all professionals. Beat all these kids for a great show that was just so much better than what he was doing before it.
  • Kyle then moved on to playing in the pit as a pianist. This along with inspiration from his choir director in high school lead him to Ithaca where he studies music education and vocal performance.
  • After having some struggles in school and finding his way through acting and pursuing it as a career he decided to move to New York. He didn’t have a job, didn’t have serious savings but knew that he would put himself in a successful position if he is forced to sink or swim.
  • Kyle had some interesting experiences on the touring and regional market in interesting shows and they ultimately lead him to his current path as a director coach!
  • “Quit or be exceptional. Average is for losers. Average feels safe, but it’s not. It’s invisible. You deserve better than average.” - Seth Godin