Episode 24: Kim Burns and her journey to a balanced identity

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  • One interesting job that lead to Kim both learning more about the industry and learning her desire to be an actress was working in Casting. She worked in the casting offices and saw what the business was like and made connections. While she was working there she had feelings of jealousy and realized that her true passion was on the other side of the casting table… acting.
  • She moved from the East Coast with her friends (one of which she created a fantastic podcast with Ketryn) to Los Angeles. She started on her journey and started working towards her goals. One line of work actually came from her hands!
  • Identity is a huge theme when it comes to performing arts. It is hard to find a true balance in your identity when it is linked so closely to your profession that is largely unpredictable. Especially in this time of COVID-19 it is important to revisit your approach to identity and self image. Kim has some great stories of her struggles with this topic and what she has done to feel good in what she does and how she views herself.
  • Kim also shares wonderful advice on constantly learning and if you are interested in the performing arts she has a wealth of insight to share with you. Enjoy the episode!