Episode 23: Ketryn Porter and how to take on fear!

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In the Episode

  • Ketryn shares her origin and all about how she took charge to make sure she performed in her school’s performance for the parents and friends at the end of the day rather than during the day performances…
  • It took Ketryn a while to get her bearings and start finding the right work for the her talents. The work that you find fuels your successes.
  • It can be difficult to have confidence in being yourself when you are trying to be what others are looking for. This is the plight of actors. You are constantly going out to auditions trying to act the way others want you to act, however you hear often that actors are hired for being themselves? You have to be confident in yourself and trust in the journey sometimes.
  • Ketryn, much like many of us, found LA pretty overwhelming when she first got out here. It can take time to transition so if that is your plan give yourself the time that you need to make the adjustment.
  • We also talk in this episode about the role of fear in the industry, how to recognize the fear, and how to move past it so that the fear is no longer giving you the excuse to not put yourself out there and do the work you are meant to do.
  • In times like these a global pandemic has serious impacts. This is very apparent in the performing arts with no shows meaning there is no work to be had… It is difficult and particularly so for many because this means having to stop, recognize the change, and start over. We talk about what this means and how we can use it more as an opportunity to shape our future rather than letting it take over our lives.