Episode 18: Balancing Music and Medicine with Kaevon

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In the Episode

  • Kaevon shares his life experiences that have lead him to Medical School at USC and starting a band with other med students. They formed the band The Anastomoses.
  • He always had the arts in his life and an affinity for music. His parents were supportive and his dad even pursued music for a time.
  • We talk about how identity and early life influence your path and touch a bit on current situations regarding being a Med student during COVID-19.
  • We hear from Kaevon about the challenges of starting a band when you are a bass player, and learn about the purpose of the band in just creating music to create.
  • Identity is a huge part of our day to day lives and Kaevon shares his approach to the arts and his career together.
  • Local artists are facing new challenges with mass media and competing to be heard by the masses. Only a few artists are leading the culture and beating the competition. Kaevon shares his thoughts on why that is happening and what is being lost due to it.
  • It is a huge benefit to have diversity and a variety of experiences shared in the arts. For Kaevon it is important that people with all life careers and experiences share their art because it will create something new that a full time content creator can’t imagine.