Episode 20: Skills to be a better actor with Juliana Hansen

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  • Doing performances at home and being creative with family had as much of a lasting influence on Juliana’s life as the professional work she did as a child. Creativity and the arts can come from all places in your life and it doesn’t have to be professional work to be impactful.
  • Juliana did learn a lot about the performing arts and skills she would use in her career from the schools that she went to that had performance focus, however the true education often came from the professionals that the teachers would bring in rather than the course work. Getting to see how professionals work and get to meet them can be invaluable.
  • The performing arts can be unpredictable and subjective. It’s important to, as an actor, keep the joy and remind yourself that you are not less than.
  • You can further your skills in the arts and leverage them in your “Survival jobs.” That is a great way to keep up with what you are passionate about, you just need to be careful not to burn out and not give yourself the required rest time from your passion.
  • You can learn and be a better actor by learning and gaining knowledge from other areas of life and other areas of art. It will enrich your life and give you more context and perspective on how the world works.
  • Training and doing the work or putting your skills out into the world is the best place to start when pursuing the arts.