Episode 1: Joe Cuanan on balancing life and growing your passion

Show Notes


Joe’s Favorite warmup

  • Lip Trills

Introduction to Joe!

  • Joe is from Alaska Anchorage
  • He has been a musician for a long time. Currently in the group Luxury Goods!
  • Inspired by Boy Bands and Hip Hop, Joe grew up with some great musical influences.
  • He liks NSYNC over Backstreet boys, but when it comes down to it… he’s all about Erikah Badu!
  • He is also a software engineer for a technology company specializing in education apps that teach people guitar and other stringed instruments such as bass and ukulele.

Key learnings

  • Posture and breathing are the most important things to do that gives you the support in singing and other aspects of performance. This helps with other parts of life such as public speaking and running, but is critical for Singing.
  • Building and creating things whether software products or music or creative product is always meant for humans. Whether humans consume, appreciate, or learn from it. It is important to see what will benefit the end consumer of the work that is done by the creative. Comes down to user experience.
  • Joe is in pursuit of the work life balance. He was working a soul crushing job and knew he had to do work and spend time on his passions when he did have free time instead of watching tv.
  • Helping others reach the same goals is important in this community and many creatives already are so great at it! We are so lucky to have such a wonderful space to learn and grow.
  • It is hard to be ok with allowing people not to like your work. But it is important to express yourself in a good way. As a person it is a good practice to respect everyone’s tastes and don’t crap on other people’s art or creativity. “why hate on it?”


  • “Now that I know where I fall on the spectrum, l am much more of a get the work life balance kind of person because that gives me the time and resources to pursue the creative interests that I have.”
  • “My favorite thing is when you show someone that has never done it before… they come back with something they made.”
  • “Make sure you are in it for the right reasons.”

Closing Questions

Who are your Role Models?

Parents. They are hospitable and generous. Whenever they had guests his parents really respected people and always offered to help in small or big ways. Linda his partner is also a role model of Joes. Learned how to balance being smart about decisions.

Who have you learned the most from?

My Mom Joe’s mom taught him,“It’s not about me.” By bringing others into your mind you are helping the world. This note as well as everything else in life is why this show is “Brought to you by moms everywhere!” Joe loves his parents, as do the hosts of this show! <3

What resource have you learned the most from?

iMessage Joe did the digital social media detox many of us talk about but never actually do. iMessage is a resource because he is connecting with the people in his life and if he wants to know something he uses this direct line into those intelligent people. It has become a learning tool over time.

What keeps you up at night?

Impact The more people that you help the bigger impact you have. Joe is always concerned with how the work he does impacts the end user whether it is the software he works on or the music he creates.

What is your favorite piece of art right now?

Swimming by Mac Miller

What inspires you the most?

Movement If people don’t move they don’t get it. But if they move that is something that externalizes the feeling they are experiencing.