Episode 13: Jeff Ashkin and the importance of limiting variables in your artistic work

Show Notes


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In the Episode

  • Jeff is an actor, director, writer, and Podcast Host. He does a lot and when it comes to creating content Jeff is no stranger. He has created youtube video series, podcasts, short films, and much more.
  • He went to film school where he learned a lot about how to work on set, and create stories. From there he moved to Los Angeles where he knew he belonged even though he didn’t know anyone in the industry.
  • Starting in his journey once in the film center of the world, Jeff started Production assistant work and learning in the real deal. Once he learned a lot from his first three years trying out new jobs, he started making his own work and became the incredible maker he is today!
  • The difference between a short film and a feature film is clear for Jeff. Jeff talks about the differences and how to approach each in your path. Whiplash is a great example! Jeff’s first very successful short film was Technical Support. It’s important to know where to program your short film for the festival circuit for distribution.
  • “Limit the variables that you can control!” By doing this, you will be able to know what you need to do and how to spend your money. By limiting the variables you can get more done.
  • Pro Tip: Craft Services is a huge boost to morale on sets. That is what can make or break a recording project. It is small thing that gives people something to do and the feeling of being respected.
  • Important questions to answer before you collaborate or work on sets with people. “Would you want to spend 14 hours with this person?” Being kind and respectful is important when working with others. Be polite and that is a factor people consider when hiring and working with people. Try to be positive when working with people so that relationships and the work can be effective for longer.
  • We learned all about Animatics and why they are important in animation projects where you create an animated short film. An animatic is a preliminary version of a movie, produced by shooting successive sections of a storyboard and adding a soundtrack.
  • Shout outs for “The Credits Movie” (Trailer Linked): Noel Nuñez, Brett Perry.