Episode 7: David Robinson and her authentic self

Show Notes


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Favorite warmup

  • Numbers Warmup! 1, 1-2-1, 1-2-3-2-1 etc.

About Guest

  • David Started out in classical music and began her journey with Piano. She eventually went on to where she currently is producing, singing, and performing more forms of genres.
  • David learned music with a gift for visually learning how to play piano (learning by rote). This form of learning is by repetition and hard work!
  • David went to LACHSA for school where she met Melody! Originally she wanted to go into Opera and the prestigious course work at this school but eventually decided “I want to be a pop star!” Additionally, she received training in Logic Pro and Ableton that built the foundation for where she is right now!
  • When David started singing, she had a very high voice and was teased for it. Eventually however David started getting more confident with her gift. Middle school was the turning point at that point. Eventually David went to Berkeley
  • Her first EP was City LIghts

Key learnings

  • It took David a lot of time to get comfortable and find her group and community. This sort of thing takes time and David is a great example of someone that takes being honest and truly believing in who someone is. With this David grew more secure and confident in who she truly was.
  • This sentiment of finding one’s self extends to the music that David creates. David also wears a crop top for every show! She is dedicated to being true to who you are! Other people have told her to tone it down, but that would not be authentic, so David stuck to her guns.
  • David’s music ranges from bubble gum pop to more dark music. The music moves from daytime and night time.
  • A lot of David’s inspiration for new music comes from video games! Inspiration can come from anywhere and the music creates a world. David is also inspired from Prince, Billie Eilish, and Sophie. Family as always comes into focus for inspiration as well. David’s Grandma is really a great inspiration from a motto perspective. “Be true to yourself, and do what you want to do.”
  • Artists often have a number of passions. David is really interested in sharing in peoples specific styles and by staying a performing touring artist, but also would consider building a Fashion line.


  • “I like how unique video game music is… Things that almost sound magical.”
  • Rocketman movie quote that had an impact on David “You have to kill the person you were in order to become the person you want to be.”
  • If you truly want to make that leap… it may be tough… you have to have that confidence to keep going.”

Closing Questions

What is the hardest thing about pursuing the arts?

Getting in one’s own way. There are a lot of good resources and connections. David needs to be able to drive forward and not being stingy when it comes to the music that is creative. “If you want this life for yourself… you need to release songs” It’s about holding back instead of just going out and doing it.

Who have you learned the most from?

Ariana Grande - She is the first person that David watched and learned what to do. David watch her videos and interviews.
David’s mom is also an industry expert that gave David the experiences that have helped build David’s understanding of the business side of things.
Prince - Gender explorative and unique side of things. Gave David the confidence that strange individuals can make inspirational work.

What Resource have you learned the most from?

Youtube - (David is Gen Z) Great for getting inspiration from music videos, studying other performances and even as a resource for tutorials. Such an accessible resource.

Do you have any role models? Any quotes?

“Don’t put other people down”
It is important to take all negative comments and prove them wrong if they do come your way. Do your best to be positive and bring people up instead of putting others down.
“Haters are my motivators”

Favorite piece of art or inspiration?

Album - Solange “When I get home”
Such a well produced album. David hears something new every time!

What keeps you up at night?

Making sure the David is being true to herself and true to her Grandma. “Am I making the progress that I want to?”
Imposter syndrome can definitely impact creativity. This is something many artists experience. Pushing past is part of the journey and getting comfortable with where we are.

Do you have advice for a person that doesn’t pursue the arts full time, or is just starting out?

“Just do it!”
Do things regardless of what other people think.