Episode 19: Pursuing your passion can change the world with Angela Sauer

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In the Episode

  • If you change one person’s life you change the world. When you find your passion as Angela has in performance you need to find deep meaning in your pursuit. Angela shares in this episode stories of her experiences that taught her the truth behind her passion.
  • The arts can give hope, educate, and empower audiences. Even if just one audience member grows or learns something from a show, that production is a success!
  • People struggle with the arts because they come in with expectations of becoming famous or a full time star on a TV series (I guess sometimes you can be both). This doesn’t lead to the longevity that many happier artists crave for their lives. Even if the pursuit isn’t the career in the arts but a side hobby, creatives will be a lot more successful and lead better lives if they get to pursue the arts as a passion for as long as they desire. For Angela this is until she is in her 90s!
  • Take control over what you can. You can control the energy and end work project for productions that you book. Getting the job in the first place is pretty much out of your control, but once you get the job you are responsible for following through and creating the work you put yourself in the running for.
  • It is really hard to find financial balance when pursuing the arts. It is super important to find a balance for you that works with your life style, your passion, and your wallet. Find side hustles or steady careers that will get you the financial stability you require to lead a life that allows you to have the passion and creative pursuits you desire for your life.