Episode 22: Performer’s path to Directing with Allison Sheff

Show Notes


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  • Allison wrote a very thoughtful article on the importance of balance and taking time for what is important. Check it out HERE!

In the Episode

  • This episode is great to listen to if you are interested in becoming a director. Allison shares her journey from performer to director and all of her experiences in between.
  • Allison shares how she encountered questions like “What is your plan b?” from her friends and family when she decided to pursue the creative arts as a career. It can often be a challenge explaining the decision to people that are not currently in the arts.
  • We also talk about the immense value of being able to take on side jobs in the performing arts industry such as an usher, and other jobs in entertainment that give you a sneak peak into the world of the performing arts. Allison had the chance to see a number of theatre performances over and over giving her unique lessons learned from when a performance impacted the audience in both positive and negative ways.
  • Allison has also had the chance to learn from a great number of great directors and learned the most from her real world experiences watching directors work and encounter situations live. Allison actively watched and learned critical skills from her observations such as the right and wrong way to communicate with actors as a director.
  • One key takeaway from the way Allison learned to be a director was that you should ask as many questions of your mentors as you possibly can. Think of the right questions and work to get the answers you need to learn the skills you need to be successful.